Writer, translator, lawyer

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Ader Tokunov was born 02.12.1991 in Transbaikalia, Chara, comes from an old Northern family. The author of a number of works on the history of the Russian lawyer's society, a researcher of constitutional law and legislation of the Russian Federation, also explores the problems of the Middle East and Far East regions. Author of the training course "History of the Russian lawyer's society Jurist, Master of Religious Studies, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Master of Philosophy of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, where he actively worked in the Student Council of Moscow state University, studied Constitutional and Electoral law, the law of the European Court of Human Rights, the history of the Russian lawyer's society, the history of the Inquisition, Satanism of Anton Szandor LaVey. Member of the International Union of Writers (experience since 2014), member of the Union Of Fantastic literature and Cinema (since the founding of the organization — 02.17.2016). Studies the heritage of ancestors, deals with the problems of legal regulation of the use of genetically modified organisms, as well as activities aimed at ensuring the observance and realization of the rights of socially vulnerable segments of Russian society. Ader's passion is translations, he knows five languages. Ader is the author of the series "DOCTRINE", "Consortium", part of the literary series "Ethnogenesis", one of the authors of the Project Sergey Tarmashev "Purgatory" (according to the results of the reader's vote recognized as the best author of the project), as well as other works. Translates literary works on the game worlds "WarCraft", "StarCraft", "Deus Ex" and others. Among the critics was nicknamed "Literary Wagner", on the one hand, for the globality and scale of the plots, on the other hand, for the fact that many works have remained either unfinished or unspoken. Awarded a special prize of Trediakovsky Award "For courage in literature" (2017).